freelancer photographer

He worked as commercial and portrait photographer for agencies. Recently he shifted towards documentary and photojournalist series. Amongst other prestigious acknowledgements, he got awarded on Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition in multiple categories, presented his works in solo exhibitions, as well as in professional publications. He is Member Association of Hungarian Photographers and RANDOM and PICTORIAL COLLECTIVE..

Recently he became known by his documentary works of Capital Circus of Budapest and Aszod Juvenile Detention Center.

He was mesmerised by the world of circus since childhood and these ties got strengthened over time by the aspiration to show the life behind the scenes. The artists of the circus accepted him, embraced his work as an artist on his own right. Aerialists, trapezists, jugglers, stars of the stage lights let him to show that world, what is hidden from the spectators – which is the highest level of trust photographers can claim.

The high trust level is a constant patter in his career. In Aszód Juvenile Detention center he spent significant amount of time with the inmates, who are sentenced for theft, robbery or other guilty acts, and gained insights of their closed community, which rejects and expels any outsider with a deep, instinctive emotional reaction, coming from their guts. The results of this trust speaks for themselves on the photo series highly applauded by the photographers’ community.