Behind the curtain

The Capital Circus of Budapest is located in the Városliget city park. It is the only stone circus in Central Europe, accommodating 1450 spectators. Since it is a stone circus, its operation is independent from weather, and therefore it is opened both in summer and winter.

The Capital Circus of Budapest, the only all year operating stone circus of Central Europe is going to close its gates in 3 years. I have only these 3 years to document the life in this historical building, the life of the artists, the touching moments – capture and save them for the posterity.

Up to the present day the scene of the circus means a mysterious and unexplored world even for the fans of circus arts.

The spectators of the auditorium in the Capital of the Great Circus can see performances between the marching song and the finale, but all the productions that are going to be performed on the circus floor, remain hidden for them. They can’t see the never-ending trainings, rehearsals, they can’t feel the taste of sweat and tear that are being followed by the hard work of the circus artist’s from the very beginning of the invention to the carrying out of the performance. It is a weird, magical world with its sparkling magic universality, with its colourful scent.