Life of Sophie

I am preparing a visual family history, with a two year old Romany girl, Szofi, at the centre. The peculiarity of the series lies in the everyday nature of the story, as it reflects the situation that tens of thousands of families are in following the political changes: total vulnerability. In my work I attempt to present the daily lives of the family from an internal perspective based on a developing friendship, the dynamic which makes it almost impossible to break out of the “caste” of those living in extreme poverty. The frightening marginalisation of the Gypsy people is a fundamental phenomenon of our age; in my series appear the basic motifs which are familiar features of this marginalisation, also characteristic of the Bordács family: community service, spiralling debt, raising handicapped children at home. It is my hope that long term tendencies will become clear, the pitfalls they are facing, and whether they are able to direct their own fate.