Club America

The series is about the people who feel sympathy with the United States’s cultural traits and a chosen part of its history. I was searching for the Hungarian people whose everyday life is full of American nostalgia. I was curious how their interest towards American culture has shaped during the years. These communities are living in their own fantasy world built by themselves, many of them have never been to the United States and never had personal experiences. In their world the most used symbols are those subjects and the acts borrowed from the movies. Like notable western movies and famous TV series.
The source of they illusion is not based on a historical accuracy they stam from the artificial movies and its scenes. These people use foreign culture’s emblematic elements. Consequently, they have built a minor culture in Hungary who care about each other and occasionally meet. They create their own „United States” in which the modern, the old accessories and the Hungarian culture mixes.
They have an imaginary trip to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, roll on an American indian costume and ride a horse among settings