Such was the Pictorial 10 exhibition

Between August 16 and September 19, 2021, an exhibition featuring the first 10 years of the Pictorial Collective with a series of photos by eight current and five former members was on display at the Capa Center.

Róbert László Bácsi – Way of Zen


Katalin Darnay – Masters Swimmers


Dávid Ferenczy – Waiting


András Hajdú D. – Zürich Express


Bálint Hirling: Dwellers of the Independence Square


Dénes Mártonfai – Ghost Pools


Balázs Mohai – “Iceberg, enigma, strange and timeless’


Simon Móricz-Sabján – Ypsilons


Zsófia Pályi – Penitents


Ákos Stiller – Roma Bible


Bernadett Szabó – Insta


Ádám Urbán – Circus Behind The Curtain


László Végh – Ottó